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All About PDQ Pike Repair

I've been riding bikes for over 45 years and even rode across the entire United States. During that time, I have been doing my own repairs, helping friends, as well as working with the Boy Scouts on their Cycling Merit Badge. I opened PDQ Bike Repair in 2015.

My goal is to provide quality bicycle repairs at a reasonable price. I hope you will contact me and experience my workmanship for yourself.

Our Services

Annual Overhaul
$100 plus parts

Disassembly and cleaning, Frame and Wheel inspection, Re-lubrication, Replace inner brake and shift cables, Adjust brake and shift linkages.

Bring replacement parts and the labor is included (Handle bar tape, tires, chain, components)

Wash, Lube & Adjust

Wash, Lubricate chain, brakes, and derailleurs, Adjust shifting and brakes.

No Charge

I will evaluate your bike and provide an estimate or evaluate the project.

Our Work